Friendship is important

Heya kids,

Y’all I’m going to be real with you, Life has been pretty cray cray and I’ve  been having serious writer’s block. Trying to find a topic to write about this  week felt super hard and writing a whole post felt super hard and my brain is just not working right now.

However, I’ve gotten a little help from my friends, who: encouraged me, inspired me, listened to me as I complained about how I couldn’t think of anything to write and supported me.

This made me realise that my friends are the greatest and they’re so important to me.

It’s made me realise that friendship is so important.

As humans it’s our nature to want to interact with people, we’re social creatures. Interacting with other people, Interacting with other people, developing friendships helps us grow, helps us develop.

Friends are the people who are going to support you through anything, they’ll hold you when you’re crying and look like a complete mess. They’ll always give the best advice and are super’ll share jokes and stories that will have you crying with laughter, You  can trust them with any kind of secret, no matter how big or small.

To quote one of my friends, who gave me a 10/10 answer when I asked:  “What makes friendship so important?”

Replied with ” Because friends are the ones who make life enjoyable, and love you no matter what.”

So, remember to love and cherish your friends, because life wouldn’t be the same without them.

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