Dear 5 year old me

Dear 5 year old me,


Right now, your biggest worries in life are things like what games you’re going to play on the weekend and where you put your my little pony. There’s going to be bigger struggles in your life, but don’t worry you’ll get through them.


You have officially started Kindergarten and you’re super excited about doing things like using  paddle pop to create spaces in-between your words when you’re writing a story and creating chalk masterpieces in the school courtyard.  Let me just warn you now, school becomes a lot harder than chalk and paddle pop sticks and there are going to be times when you’re super stressed. Always remember, that school and grades don’t define who you are as a person, there is so much more to life than school, even though at times it won’t feel like it.


You have a couple of good friends who you sit with in class and run around the playground with at lunchtime.  As the years go on, you’re going to have so many friends who come in and out of your life, sometimes you’ll have fallouts with your friends, sometimes you’ll realise that some people can pretend to be your friend and just use you and that really sucks. However, you’ll make some amazing friends who you’ll make amazing memories with and they’ll always hold a special place in your heart.


Boys aren’t really a big deal for you right now, but trust me once those hormones kick in, that will change. There are going to be boys who you think are the one and that you’re going to marry him and he’s the love of your life. There’s also going to be times when you hate boys because they don’t like you back, or it’s the wrong timing and you let them go. Just remember that there’s more to life than boys, also don’t change the way you look or act to impress them. One day you’ll find someone who’s going to love you just the way you are.


Always be kind to your family, they only want what’s best for you. Take special care of your sister, even though she’s only like 1 now, in years to come she’ll become one of your best friends.


You don’t know much about God right now, all you know is that he’s this guy in the sky that created the earth and his Son’s birthday is at Christmas and His Son also died on Easter. Throughout the years you’ll discover more about this God dude, you’ll develop a faith and build a relationship with Him and He’ll be the one you turn to in times of trouble.


In the end, everything will be ok, just do your best in everything and always remember that you are good enough.

Love from,





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