23.06.17 ( I couldn’t think of an actual title)

Hey gang.

It’s me again, coming at you with another blog post!

In my early teens, I used to worry a lot about what people thought of  me due to the joyous experience of puberty and all the hormones raging in my body I was a worry wart about my appearance. When I was in year 8 I basically straightened my hair every day, without using any sort of product to protect it. Smart Naomi.  Also, due to puberty I had issues with pimples. Which as a teenage girl, I felt very conscious about.  Which led to me trying numerous facial products and resulting in having  a very bad reaction. Gotta love sensitive skin.  Or trying to use makeup and resulting in it being 300000 shades too dark for my face. Yay for early teen cringyness!

I did this because I thought that everyone was talking about me. That whenever there were a group of people bunched together talking, and then they coincidentally glance at me. Which resulted in me going into panic mode and thinking ” Oh gosh, what’s wrong with the way I look? Have I done something wrong? Did I do something wrong?” Which led to me feeling sick and wanting to crawl into a hole.

The truth is, those people probably weren’t talking about me, and if they were, their lives must have been pretty boring if all they could do was talk about others.


But I am fine the way I am,  and I shouldn’t have let the thought of what others think of me affect how I see myself.  You can love me or leave me.

And this should apply to ya’ll too, if you’ve ever felt this way.

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